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Over the last four decades, Masturlal Fabrichem has created filtration solutions for industries across various disciplines. Our solutions have helped solve various filtration related problems and have won the loyalty of our clients over the years. 

Here we share with you a few of our success stories along with the primary issues in different industries and how we created solutions for the same.


Application: Cement Mill Application

Study & recommendation of suitable quality of filter bags for Cement Mill application 

Major challenges and problem identification:

  • Higher differential pressure across the bag house.
  • To avoid rain water ingression in clean air plenum as there was no shed at the top of the bag house.
Technical Considerations:

Selection of filter bags quality suitable for moist heat conditions. 

Innovations for problem identification and implementation of solution: 

Our team collected the operating data and based on operating conditions, we suggested installing of 100% Acrylic filter bags instead of existing 100% Polyester filter bags to avoid hydrolysis effect.

After installation of filter bags, pre-coating on filter bags was optimised with process dust and cleaning cycle.

Light weight shed has been constructed by customer on top of the bag house to avoid rain water ingression in the bag house as per our recommendation.

Filter bags' life was extended from 6 months to 24 months from the date of commissioning with the new set of bags.

Thermal Power

Application: Study & recommendation of suitable design of filter bags to improve the overall performance of hybrid type bag house system in order to achieve :

  • Pressure drop below 1500 pa
  • Emission ≤ 30 mg/Nm3
Major Challenges and problem identification: 

The customer was not prepared to go for higher quality of filter bags than the existing quality and was looking for filter bags made from 100% PPS fibers due to cost competitiveness over polyamide combination filter bags. 

Oxidation on filter media causes reduction in its tearing strength. Improvement in filtration efficiency of filters bags and reduction in clogging of filter bags was also a major problem.

Technical Considerations:

It was difficult to achieve desired performance by using 100% standard design of PPS filter media. Now the task was to optimize filter bag designs without compromising on quality and marginal impact on cost.

PPS Fiber

Innovations for problem identification and implementation of solution: 

The Masturlal Fabrichem team visited the site and studied the operating condition of the bag house and also carried out an analysis of used filter bags for physical properties. Advanced analysis was arranged at our principal laboratory facility and it was found that chemical degradation had occurred in the filter media properties specially the tearing strength of the filter media due to the oxidation effect.

After thorough analysis of the existing quality of filter bags, operating condition and cost constraint, Masturlal Fabrichem developed filter bags made from a combination of standard fiber with micro fine and trilobal fibers to improve the filtration efficiency and also to ensure minimal clogging in filter bags which was due to filter media structural design. 

To reduce the effect of oxidation on filter media, we recommended to pre-coat the filter bags with precipitated homogenous calcium carbonate to form uniform protective cake on collection side of filter bags. We also recommended pre-coating after long shutdowns.

PTFE Coating

All filter bags were installed in the presence of our service team accompanied by a customer representative to ensure quality of installation. 

After start-up, the cleaning cycle was optimized according to DP mode and now the system is running successfully with the desired performance parameters. 

Application: Steel Plant (SMS application)

Study of bag filter system for suggesting appropriate quality of filter bags to suffice the requirement of fluctuations in operating temperature from 130 Deg. C to 220 Deg.C at Inlet. 

Major challenges and problem identification: 

The quality of filter bags should be robust to handle temperature fluctuations without compromising on performance parameters.
Major challenges are as follows :-

  • Avoid damage to filter bags due to change in the operating temperature.
  • Increase of mechanical life of filter bags from existing life of 6-12 months.
  • Increase in overall efficiency of the complete system. 
  • Optimization of water spray arrangement over the duct used to suppress the temperature. 
Technical considerations: 

  • Selection of filter media which can sustain a fluctuating range of operating temperature without compromising on emission levels and differential pressure.
  • Enhancing the life of filter bags with an increase in filtration and cleaning efficiency thereby reduction in cleaning frequency.

Innovations for problem identification and implementation of solution: 

The Masturlal Fabrichem team collected the operating data and studied the problem of fluctuation in the operating temperature thoroughly. Based on the operating conditions, we suggested using 100% P-84 filter bags having multi-lobular fiber structure with special anti-adhesive PTFE based finish thereby increasing filtration/collection and cleaning efficiency.

P84 Felt

 P84 Fiber

After installation of filter bags, cleaning cycle has been optimized and cleaning pressure has been reduced by 25%. Selection of filter products has reduced use of water spraying arrangement in the circuit.Overall efficiency of the total system has been increased considerably. 

Application: Coal Fired Boiler

Need for an enhanced mechanical life from existing set of filter bags through suitable selection of filter media.

Capacity: 12 tons.

Existing Bag Life: 6-7 months

Major challenges and problem identification:

  • To provide an improved mechanical life of filter bags considering the existing parameters.
  • To avoid random failure of the bags at various locations.
  • To provide a cost effective solution along with the performance.
  • The filtration efficiency of the system should not be hampered.
Technical Considerations:

  • Selection of an appropriate filter bag is required right from the selection of the filter fiber quality.
  • Enhancement of life of filter bags by achieving less mechanical wear and tear of the filter fabric.
Innovations for problem identification and implementation of solution:

The existing used sample of filter bag (damaged) was collected and sent to our principal lab for destructive/root cause analysis and to find out the exact reason for random failure of bags during the operations.

The complete operating data of the system was collected and studied; both design and existing parameters were taken into consideration.

Based on the data and the analysis report which showed:

  • Excessive frequent cleaning 
  • Scrimless material has lower mechanical strength than bag material with scrim. The higher mechanical strength and dimensional stability of scrim supported bags will reduce the risk of mechanical damage.
  • The air permeability of the scrim less material is relatively higher which allows the dust to penetrate into the felt easily. Once the dust enters the felt, it will cause abrasion and increased mechanical wear. Denser material with an air permeability of 150l/dm2 @ 200Pa, or less, would allow a lower and stable pressure drop due to reduced penetration of dust into the felt and reduces the mechanical wear.
  • Further reasons for mechanical damage (like damaged cages) cannot be excluded. Due to a few damaged bags, neighboring bags would also be damaged and contaminated with dust if not replaced immediately.


Taking into consideration the overall conditions, joint discussions with our expert technical team and the analysis report, we came to a conclusion that a compact design of filter media with combination of two fibres, PPS + P-84 micro is required. ( That is collection side needled with micro fibres of 1.2-1.7 dtex And back side with fibres of 2.3 dtex for support of cages)

This combination of filter media was treated with anti-adhesive chemical finish which helped in moisture repellency during the operation. The entire lot was replaced with our recommended/suggested quality that is PPS+P-84 in 560 GSM weight with an anti-adhesive finish.


  • Less pressure differences across the bag filters
  • Frequent and random failure of the bags issue was not observed
  • Less breakdowns/stoppages
  • Service life time was 24 months
  • Cleaning of bags with less compressed air
  • Overall efficiency of system was improved
  • Customer was satisfied
Optical expertise/microsopy - Cross section of needle felt

About Us

Masturlal Fabrichem is the leading manufacturer of superior filter products and accessories in India. The company has pioneered the production of dry and wet filtration in the country used across industries since 1971.

We partner with global leaders to bring you research, innovations and technologically advanced filtration products to develop solutions for your complex industrial filtration needs.

We work with leading corporates in their efforts to minimise their emissions across industries like Cement, Thermal Power, Metal, Infrastructure, Waste Incineration, Biomass, Spent Wash, Carbon Black, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food Processing, Textile and Paper

We are proud to have achieved up to 98% pure filtration.

Corporate Philosophy

For over four decades, we have constantly evolved and incorporated new ideas and innovations.  Except for one purpose that has remained constant over the years - our commitment to the cause of filtration.

The strong desire to contribute to a cleaner environment has, and will keep us going.

It is our endeavour to supply quality filter bags and other relevant accessories to all kinds of industries, keeping up with the technological solutions for pollution control.

We ensure that our customers get the best at every single step, right from the raw material to the delivery of the final product, and even beyond with after-sales services.

And that’s why, once our customer, always our customer.

From the Founder

In the early 1970s, India was changing rapidly. Growth and development had seeped into the national conscience and with it; industrialization was changing the face of how work was done. Some saw the future as daunting, unsure what to expect. But one man saw it as an opportunity. This visionary man was Mr. Brijmohan Masturlal, who understood the need of filtration for commercial purposes and established Masturlal Fabrichem dedicated to the research, development and design of superior quality filter products and accessories in India.

The company continued to grow as a family-run business and expanded considerably with the able assistance of his son, Mr. Ashesh Masturlal and his wife, Mrs. Avani Masturlal. Together, they have created a niche for themselves in the Indian market and partnered with global leaders on research and development.

Growth fuelled further when Mr. Anish Zaveri joined the family business and added more enthusiasm and vigor. The company continued on the path of expansion with technological innovations while keeping its core philosophy of “client first” intact.

Over the years, Masturlal Fabrichem has shaped into an inspiring story from one man’s vision. Today it is dedicated to the cause of clean environment, also the need of the hour world over. Having earned the respect and recognition for ethical business and international best practices, best and innovative filtration solutions, it is set on the path of global fame.



Starts as a family business of products related to textiles, paper making felts and material for filter bags.


Mr. Brijmohan Masturlal, the eldest son, inherits the goodwill to use the name 'Masturlal' and the business.


Mr. Ashesh Masturlal joins his father in the business.


Company enters new phase of development as it ventures into making finished air filters with the help of a local tailor for Union Carbide, Mumbai. Achieve production of 25 bags a day using a manual machine.


Business expands and is shifted to a bigger facility in Vasai, Mumbai. The local tailor joins the production unit. Production reaches 500 bags a day.


Due to further expansion, company sets up manufacturing unit in Daman. Production reaches 500 to 1000 bags a day.


Sales office set up in Vadodara and company gets an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. Mr. Ashesh Masturlal begins a trend by installing an automated machine, the first in Asia. 

Added clients like JK Cement, Laxmi Cement, JP Group, India Cement, Thermax, Batliboi, FLSmidth and others.


Company shifts to Vadodara and enters new phase of rapid growth with the addition of a 45,000 sq.ft. factory and fully automated lines of production.


Mr. Anish Zaveri joins family business with his experience of working with global management firms like KPMG and TCS. 


Masturlal Fabrichem signs exclusive partnership and technical association with Gutsche GmbH in India.


A third automated line of production added taking production capacity to 3000 bags a day. New product line for high temperature application was launched.Masturlal Fabrichem signs exclusive partnership and technical association with Gutsche GmbH in East Africa.


Over the last four decades, Masturlal Fabrichem has created filtration solutions for industries across various disciplines. Our solutions have helped solve various filtration related problems and have won us the loyalty of our clients over the years.

Here we share with you a few of our success stories along with the primary issues in different industries and how we created solutions for the same.

How we helped a mega cement plant achieve complete pollution control?

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